Optimal immunity helps protect against Covid-19

A novel nutraceutical aid to enhance your natural immunity

Immune Modulation

By maximally boosting & supporting the immune system the incidence of viral diseases (including Covid19) should be reduced and the disease symptoms may be ameliorated.

Evidence based medicine (EBM) Nutraceutical Immune Modulation

Beta 1:3/1:6 Glucan (from Saccharomysis Cerevisiae) combined with Ascorbic acid and Zinc gluconate has been proven to act as a scientifically verifiable immune stimulant.




Rinton is Research into Nutraceuticals

At Rinton we subscribe to the adage of “Research into Nutraceuticals”. We strongly believe that Nutraceutical formulations need to be based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). This means that all of our formulations are done on the basis of the latest scientific research published in reputable scientific medical journals. By constantly striving to stay ahead of the ever-evolving science of Nutraceuticals we offer you as a patient the best current scientific product combinations as an aid in managing your immune system and disease symptoms.

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“Ever since I have started using Rinton’s natural products, my health has significantly improved. Their product descriptions are clear and to the point so I know exactly which product to purchase depending on the what my body is telling me it needs. I would highly recommend all of Rinton’s products”

Cornel Koorts

“Buying products from Rinton’s online store is quick and easy. I can buy these products online whenever I need them and have them delivered straight to my door within a couple of days. They also have many payment methods which is super convenient!”

Charl Otto


Rinton products are sold exclusively online to prevent excessive profit taking by retail outlets and thereby ensuring affordability
and ease of obtaining a constant supply.

Further distribution via country wide agents is available!

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