The 20th century will go down in history as the technology and pharmaceutical century. Incredible advances were made by large multinational pharmaceutical companies in developing new chemicals to treat and manage a multitude of diseases.

A new era of natural nutraceutical medicine has however now arrived. Scientists worldwide have realized that mother nature has her own incredible wealth of natural plant and animal-based healing elements known as Nutraceuticals. The nutraceuticals are gaining immense popularity as alternatives or to complement

The neutraceutical age is however still in its infancy and sadly not well regulated. This is allowing many unscrupulous nutraceutical companies to place inferior products with no scientific foundation into the market. Often these companies will make exaggerated claims and will try to convince their clients that their product can replace pharmaceuticals.

At Rinton we subscribe to the adage of “Research into Nutraceuticals”. We strongly believe that Nutraceutical formulations need to be based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). This means that all of our formulations is done on the basis of the latest scientific research published in  reputable scientific medical journals. by constantly striving to stay ahead of the ever-evolving science of Nutraceuticals we offer you as a patient the best current scientific product combinations as an aid in managing your disease symptoms.

To ensure affordability of our incredible products we sell only online and thereby cut out the massive profit that retail outlets require. We know that your health care practitioner is best trained to advise you on how to integrate our incredible natural products with your much-needed pharmaceuticals. To this end, we have a
special section for healthcare practitioners to gain full access to our professional product information sheets.

All the Rinton products have been formulated by Dr Ockert Botha (BVSc) a world authority on Nutraceuticals. Ockert has done an inordinate amount of research into the use of Nutraceuticals both in animals and man. He has lectured worldwide and is closely involved in the formulation and development of all products. He has developed more than 30 cutting edge Nutraceuticals for pets. many of these being world-first products. With the advent of Covid-19, he has decided to bring to the market a Cutting edge range of human Nutraceuticals with
the first focus being products for Corona Virosis. He strongly adheres to the principle of holistic medicine. He believes that by combining mainstream medication with Nutraceuticals patients are best served. He frowns upon
the tendency of the medical profession to adhere strictly to mainstream medication and believes that those that are so doing they are not practising best medicine. Ockert has seen firsthand the difference that his Nutraceutical products have made in pets.

He believes that his expertise as a scientist and expertise in the Nutraceutical field will also make a huge impact on man.