Our Background

Rinton is a wholly-owned and operated South African company. 

The founder and CEO of Rinton is Dr Ockert Botha world-renowned Veterinarian and expert in Nutraceuticals. Dr Botha has done an inordinate amount of research into the use of Nutraceuticals both in animals and humans since 1999. He has lectured worldwide on the subject and is closely involved in the formulation and development of all products. He has developed more than 30 cutting edge Nutraceuticals, many of these being world-first products.

With the advent of Covid 19, Dr Botha decided to bring to the market a cutting edge range of Nutraceuticals with the focus being products for Corona Virosis.

Dr Botha strongly adheres to the principle of holistic medicine. He believes that by combining mainstream medication with Nutraceuticals patients are best served. He frowns upon the tendency of the medical profession to adhere strictly to mainstream medication and believes that those doing so are not following best practice.

Dr Botha has seen firsthand the difference that his Nutraceutical products have made over the years. He believes that his expertise as a scientist and expertise in the Nutraceutical field will ensure the latest product range is as successful as its predecessors.


All products are based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) principles.


All products adhere to science-based dosages.


Co-treatment with mainstream medications are ensured via scientific principles.

Holistic Medicine

Treat the whole body.

Quality Control

Extreme QC principles are adhered to – including source, manufacture and post-manufacture. Nutraceutical actives are sourced from a reputable source with COA required. COA is verified pre-production.

Post-production product fingerprint analysis verifies product composition. High potency extracts are used rather than ground plants thereby ensuring activity

Rinton products carry the unique Full money-back guarantee on proof of non-improvement after 1-month use.

Effervescent Solvent Enhancement Technology (ESET)

Some of the Nutraceuticals included in product formulations are known for a low absorption rate and water solubility.

In these products, eg. FluVert, the unique ESET technology, developed by Dr Botha, is employed to ensure optimal solubility and absorption. The principle of smaller volume but more regular intake of the Nutraceutical solution further enhances this principle.


Rinton products are sold exclusively online to prevent excessive profit-taking by retail outlets and thereby ensuring affordability and ease of obtaining a constant supply.

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